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President Tusk met Prime Minister of Romania Sorin Grindeanu

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  • 17/02/2017
  • 13:00
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  • 72/17
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Today the President of the European Council Donald Tusk met Prime Minister of Romania Sorin Grindeanu in Brussels. 

This first bilateral meeting since Prime Minister Grindeanu took office in January allowed for discussions on the main files on the European Union agenda as well as recent developments in Romania and the government's priorities. 

President Tusk welcomed the government's continued commitment to the European project and a stronger and united European Union, as Romania is preparing for the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first semester of 2019. 

President Tusk and Prime Minister Grindeanu discussed the central importance of the rule of law and the fight against corruption in ensuring that its citizens are able to benefit fully from all the opportunities offered by membership of the Union. 

President Tusk underlined the need to advance in the fight against corruption, safeguard the significant progress achieved and ensure its irreversibility, in line with the high expectations of Romanian society and the EU's values.