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Remarks by President Donald Tusk at the meeting with the European Social Partners in Rome

Europäischer Rat
  • 24.03.2017
  • 16:00
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Today, President Jean-Claude Juncker will speak on behalf  of the EU Institutions.

But let me just say  a few words. First of all, I would like to thank you very warmly, you, I mean social partners, for our great cooperation. And let me also compliment you on your engagement and efficiency. In my life I have been a trade union activist, for many years illegal, pursued by the Communist Secret Services, a businessman, of course, legal, an ordinary construction worker for 8 years, a civil servant,  and a journalist.

This time has taught me that dialogue is always better than monologue, cooperation better than confrontation, and of course respect better than disrespect. This is why I attach such great importance to our meetings and common initiatives. And this is also why I really understand all parties of the Social partnership. And I hope that the years ahead will be even better than now