Accessibility policy/

The General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) aims to make its website as accessible and usable as possible.

What does this mean?

This means that texts, images, forms and navigation should be accessible and understandable by as many people as possible. All citizens, with or without disabilities, should be offered the best possible browsing experience.

To achieve this, the website has been optimised to meet the W3C web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level AA. 

For example:

  • images on the site contain 'alt tags', which help users using screen readers to understand what the picture is about
  • the contrast between text and background is optimised for readability
  • for users who have problems using a mouse, the website can be navigated using the keyword only
  • a 'skip to' link provides users with the possibility to bypass the header and reach the main content directly
  • forms are protected against spamming using the 'honeypot' method instead of 'captcha', which can cause problems to some users

Despite our efforts to make this website as accessible as possible, videos and documents in PDF format found on some pages may not yet be optimised in terms of their accessibility. We will continue doing our utmost to make this website fully compliant. 

Technologies used

This website relies on the following technologies: HTML5, CSS 3, JQuery 1.11, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP4 and Silverlight (live streaming).

It is compatible with a wide range of browsers (down to Internet Explorer 7) and computer types.

Compatibility with accessibility tools

The website is compatible with the following screen readers:

  • Jaws
  • NVDA
  • Windows Eyes
  • VoiceOver