RSS feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is the abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication and describes a method for providing information in machine-readable format. RSS enables users to subscribe only to specific website texts or multimedia files.

Via RSS the subscribed material can be loaded automatically onto the user's computer or onto websites, thus supplying the subscriber very conveniently with the latest information.

What is needed to subscribe to the RSS feed?

To subscribe to an RSS feed you will need an RSS reader, several of which are available free-of-charge on the Internet and can be configured individually. The latest browser versions have this feature. They allow users to decide which sources should be read.  

The reader shows the title or, as another option, the first few lines of an article. An accompanying link allows the subscriber to open the entire article in the browser.

How to subscribe?

You can subscribe to RSS feeds in the language of the page visited. If you wish to subscribe to feeds in another language, please use the list of languages on the top right-hand side of the page to choose your preferred language.  

You can subscribe to the RSS feeds available on the Council website by clicking on links in the list below. 

Available feeds 


1. Council configurations

2. European Council meetings

3. International summits

4. Eurogroup meetings

5. Euro Summits

Coreper meetings

7. Working parties meetings by Council configuration

9. Committees meetings

Council documents from the Public Register 

 1. Agendas of meetings of:

2. Latest documents

3. Summary of Council Acts

4. Council Minutes:

 5. Subject matters: