Step 4: Conciliation

A conciliation committee is convened if the Council does not approve all of the Parliament's amendments at the second reading. It is composed of an equal number of members of the Parliament and Council representatives. It has to agree on a text that would be acceptable to both institutions.

If the committee:

  • does not agree on a joint text, the legislative act is not adopted and the procedure is ended
  • agrees the joint text, that text is forwarded to the Parliament and the Council for a third reading

Voting in the conciliation committee:

The Parliament delegation to the conciliation committee approves the joint text by an absolute majority of votes.

The Council representatives generally vote by qualified majority (in some cases unanimity is required).

Deadline: The conciliation committee must be convened within 6 weeks, with a possible extension to 8 weeks. The committee then has 6 weeks to agree on a joint text.

Resulting documents:

  • Joint text approved by the conciliation committee, if an agreement is reached. The wording of the joined text cannot be changed by the two institutions.