Jeroen Dijsselbloem, President of the Eurogroup

© E.Dunand / AFP 20/03/2017 Meeting

The Eurogroup looked into budgetary matters, discussed benchmarking of euro area countries' pension systems and was briefed on the second review of Greece's macroeconomic adjustment programme.

© European Union, 2017 20/03/2017 Press release


The president of the Eurogroup chairs Eurogroup meetings, sets their agendas, draws up the long-term work programme and represents the Eurogroup in international fora.


Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been Eurogroup President since 21 January 2013. He was re-elected to the post for a second term on 13 July 2015.

Mission statement

Aims, goals and priorities of the Eurogroup during the presidency of Jeroen Dijsselbloem.