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Eurogroup work programme


The Eurogroup adopts its work programme every 6 months. Each programme broadly defines the main areas on which the Eurogroup plans to focus its efforts. It also sets out preliminary agendas for upcoming Eurogroup meetings. These agendas are indicative and may change according to circumstances.

Economic recovery in the euro area has remained moderate for four consecutive years and needs to be reinforced. In the second half of 2016, the Eurogroup will therefore focus primarily on sustainable economic growth and job creation. The Eurogroup will particularly encourage the implementation of structural reforms and sound fiscal policies.

In the second half of 2016, the Eurogroup intends to focus its work on:

  • economic policy coordination among the euro area member states 
  • reviews of the ongoing and completed economic adjustment programmes 
  • euro area aspects of the banking union

Economic policy coordination

The Eurogroup plans to:

  • hold regular thematic discussions on growth and jobs related to the implementation of policy recommendations for the euro area in the context of the European Semester. The aim of the discussions is to identify the best ways to implement structural policies, so that both the member states and the euro area as a whole benefit
  • participate in the assessment of the draft budgetary plans of the euro area member states
  • closely monitor financial and macroeconomic stability developments in the euro area

Reviews in programme and post-programme countries

The Eurogroup will continue to review the ongoing economic adjustment programme in Greece.

It will also be involved in the post-programme surveillance process in countries that have received financial assistance in the past, in particular Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Spain

Banking union

The Eurogroup will continue to work on further strengthening the banking union. 

Other tasks

The Eurogroup will also continue to provide input for the EU leaders' discussions on the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union and the preparation of international meetings. It will also aim for greater transparency in its work.