Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation)

Council of the EU

The Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) was set up by Ecofin on 9 March 1998. It mainly deals with assessing the tax measures which fall within the scope of the code of conduct (adopted in December 1997) for business taxation and overseeing the provision of information on those measures.

The code of conduct is not a legally binding instrument but its adoption requires the commitment of member states to:

  • abolish existing tax measures that constitute harmful tax competition 
  • refrain from introducing new ones in the future

The group mainly works on:

  • anti-abuse rules
  • transparency and exchange of information in the area of transfer pricing
  • administrative practices 
  • promotion of the principles of the code of conduct in non-EU countries

An Anti Abuse Subgroup was created under the Irish Presidency of the Council in 2013. It reports to the Code of Conduct Group and works on hybrid mismatches.