European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC)


ERAC is a strategic policy advisory committee that advises the Council, the Commission and member states on the full spectrum of research and innovation issues in the framework of the governance of the European Research Area.  The Committee is co-chaired by the Commission and an elected representative from a member state. The Council provides its secretariat.

ERAC can also meet in two dedicated configurations, which were established by the Council and are chaired by an elected representative of an EU country:

  • the High Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC), which contributes to the preparation of the debates and decisions of the Competitiveness Council on joint programming 
  • the Strategic Forum for international S&T Cooperation (SFIC), which advices the Council and the Commission on the implementation of a European Partnership in the field of international scientific and technological cooperation (S&T cooperation)

ERAC, GPC and SFIC meeting documents

If you are looking for official Council documents related to meetings of ERAC and its dedicated configurations, go to the public register.  

Members  of ERAC and its configurations include:

  • all the member states and
  • the Commission

A number of other non-EU countries, which are associated to EU research and innovation programmes may participate as observers in its activities: 

  • Albania 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Faroe Islands 
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 
  • Iceland 
  • Israel
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro 
  • Norway
  • Serbia 
  • Switzerland 
  • Turkey 
  • Ukraine

ERAC and its configurations operate on the basis of respective long term work programmes, which get updated regularly.