Security Committee

Council of the EU

The Security Committee was established by the Council's security rules on protecting EU classified information, most recently amended by Council Decision 2013/488/EU of 23 September 2013.


The Security Committee examines all matters regarding the protection of EU classified information and makes recommendations to the Council as necessary. This incudes EU rules and policies, agreements on exchanging classified information with third states and international organisations and arrangements on sharing classified information across the EU family of institutions, bodies and agencies.

Information assurance

EU classified information needs to be protected in communication and information systems


The Security Committee is composed of representatives from national security services or other relevant member state authorities. There are expert sub-groups dealing, among other things, with information assurance and accreditation of classified IT systems.

Representatives from the Commission and the European External Action Service also attend meetings. The Committee is chaired by a senior official of the General Secretariat of the Council.