Library and Research

General Secretariat

The Library provides access to a wide range of paper and online information sources relevant to the work of the Council in all official languages of the EU. The range covers:

  • news media
  • general and specialised periodicals
  • articles
  • theses
  • books
  • databases

Online resources constitute the bulk of the Library's resources. Full content of these resources is available only via the GSC wi-fi network in the Council building.


If you are a member of staff, a trainee of the Council, a member state delegate or a member of staff of other EU institutions, you can access the Library reading rooms without restriction. Research and/or information services are available on demand.

Research assistance

If you are a researcher or a student, you can request permission to study at the Council library. If you require research assistance, please ensure that your request reaches us at least two weeks before you plan to visit.
Any request for this service should specify the subject to be studied and the language of the material you would like to consult. A librarian will prepare lists of references of available resources in the Council library collections that relate to your subject.


The Library's holdings comprise several collections.

The main collection focuses on socio-political, economic and institutional developments in the EU, its member states and neighbouring and partner countries.

The language collection is dedicated to language tools such as dictionaries, glossaries, grammars, books on terminology, translation, linguistics, and reference materials in all policy areas of the Council.

The legal collection holds legal and jurisprudence materials covering diverse aspects of EU and international law, as well as jurisprudence of the member states and third countries.


The online catalogue enables you to search for a single item or produce a list of references.


The bibliographical collection includes reference and research works related to the European Council, the Council of the European Union and their General Secretariat.


The Library team runs a blog which features reports and library notes on EU-related events, information on the latest library acquisitions and reading suggestions, as well as a monthly Think Tank Review. 

The blog may not under any circumstances be regarded as reflecting any official position of the Council.