Search for legislative acts under 'codecision'

This register contains information on EU legislative acts adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure, also known as 'codecision'. It shows both ongoing and completed procedures.

The database gives information on each step for each legislative file, as it passes through the ordinary legislative procedure. This includes:

  • Commission proposal
  • European Parliament position at first reading 
  • Council position at first reading and European Parliament's position at second reading
  • Council position at second reading
  • conciliation (in case of disagreement)
  • link to the adopted act 
  • date of signature
  • reference number to look for the text in the EU's Official Journal

If the act has already been adopted, a link to the full text and the date of signature are provided. A link to the reading positions may also be available.

Please note that information in the database is only available in English and French, and you can only search using these two languages. 

Council of the EU

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