Document register

General Secretariat

The public register of Council documents has references to or the contents of the Council documents from 1999 onwards.

The documents the contents of which are available to the public can be viewed directly on screen. Access to others can be requested.

Additionally, in the Meetings section there is a separate webpage for every meeting of the Council, European Council and the Eurogroup. These pages contain regular meeting-related publications, such as the 'Background brief' (the pre-Council background note), the agenda, the list of A items and/or the list of participants

Press releases

Remember that the most recent press releases can be found in the Press releases section, which has:

  • Council press releases published from 1 January 2014 onwards
  • statements and speeches issued on behalf of the President of the European Council or by the Eurogroup since the end of 2009

If you are looking for an older press release (issued before 1 January 2014), you can search it in the register. Select 'Presse' in the Subject Matter field and 'Press release' in Document Type field and indicate the subject of the Council in the field 'Words in Subject' (for example 'economic and financial affairs'). 

Council conclusions

For recent conclusions, please use the dedicated page on the website: 

For specific conclusions, you can make a search in the register by indicating 'Council conclusions' in the field 'Words in Subject' and by indicating the date of the Council in the field 'Date of Meeting'. You can also make your search by indicating 'Council conclusions' in the field 'Words in Subject' and by indicating a period of time in the field 'Document Date' (for example, between 1/05/2015 and 30/06/2015).

If you are looking for Council conclusions on a specific topic, you can indicate 'Council conclusions' & some key words of the topic in the field 'Words in Subject' (for example 'Council conclusions' & 'environment' for Council conclusions relating to environmental matters).

Preparatory documents

Preparatory documents are produced when Council working groups discuss draft legislation. All preparatory documents related to a specific proposal under discussion in the Council carry the same unique interinstitutional file code given by the Commission.

If you have one document related to a draft legislative act that you are interested in, you can find the interinstitutional file code on the first page of the document in a box in the upper-left corner. When you type this code in the 'Interinstitutional File' field, you will get the list of all documents in the register relating to that act.

If you have no document, you can use the field 'Words in Subject' to find the interinstitutional file code for the draft legislative act that you are interested in. Type in key words of the subject of the draft legislative act and you will get a list of documents. Click on the bold reference number of one of the ST documents to arrive to the document information sheet. The interinstitutional number is clearly visible on this sheet.


In the register you can find documents, the contents of which is published in:  

  • one language only
  • several languages (e.g. part of a document in English, part in Spanish and part in German)
  • all official languages of the EU

Remember that the choice of language may affect your search results. For example, in order to find summary records of COREPER, you should choose the 'All languages' option in the Document Language field. Choosing only one language may not give any results