Request a document

General Secretariat

If the document you are looking for is not available in the Public register, you can request it  by contacting the General Secretariat of the Council.

You can also send a request for access to a document:

  • by post:

General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
DG F - Transparency 
rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175  
B-1048 Bruxelles/Brussel 

  • by fax: +32 22 816 361

Need technical assistance?

If you have a technical issue with access to the public register, send us an email.

When will I receive a reply?

You will receive a reply within 15 working days. In exceptional cases, this time limit may be extended by a further 15 working days.

If access is not granted, you have 15 days to ask the Council to reconsider its decision.

If your request is rejected, you may lodge a complaint with the European Ombudsman or bring an action before the General Court.

General enquiries

If you need information about the Council and its activities, the public information service is ready to help.