The EU integrated political crisis response - IPCR - arrangements
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The EU integrated political crisis response - IPCR - arrangements

The integrated political crisis response (IPCR) arrangements provide a flexible crisis mechanism for the Council presidency when dealing with disasters of natural or human origin, as well as terrorism. The brochure describes the IPCR tools which improve the EU's ability to share information, make joint decisions and coordinate responses at the highest political level. The tools include a web platform, 24/7 contact points and reporting.

2016, 6 Pages, Leaflet / flyer

Consolidated Treaties, Charter of Fundamental Rights 2016

Consolidated Treaties, Charter of Fundamental Rights 2016
This publication contains the consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as they result from the amendments introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon. It also includes amendments made to the treaties after their entering into force, such as provisions on the European Stability Mechanism, the Court of Justice, as well as amendments effected by the accession of Croatia. The publication also contains the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
2016, 412 Pages, Paperbacks

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2015

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2015

The report covers the actions and policies undertaken by the EU in 2015 in pursuit of its goals to promote universal respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. It outlines EU policy developments in human rights and democracy on thematic issues throughout 2015. These include the Union's approach to conflicts and crisis, its trade and development cooperation, but also the way in which the EU addressed challenges in the sphere of human rights and democracy, such as tackling discrimination, the death penalty, torture and other ill-treatment, and promoting democracy and free elections, freedom of religion or belief, and supporting human rights defenders.
The country-by-country coverage that was included in previous editions of this annual report can still be found in the Council's Public Register.
The report is available in English, French and Spanish.


2016, 64 Pages, Paperbacks

The Euratom Treaty - consolidated version

The Euratom Treaty - consolidated version

This publication contains the consolidated - updated - version of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community, including annexes and protocols. It incorporates the amendments made by the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on 1 December 2009.

2016, 112 Pages, Paperbacks

Council's Rules of Procedure - comments

Council's Rules of Procedure - comments

How is the Council's work prepared? Which voting arrangements apply? What are the rules on public debates? This practical guide answers these and many other questions relating to the Council's structure, its proceedings and decision-making. It is, in particular, aimed at delegates and rotating Council presidencies with a view to providing information on the legal environment and helping prepare presidencies.
In addition to comments, the booklet also contains the Rules of Procedure of the European Council and of the Council. It exists in 23 EU languages. 

2016, 119 Pages, Paperbacks

Civil Law - European Judicial Cooperation

Civil Law ebook
This updated e-book features both legal instruments and comments by high-profile academics, judges and officials from several EU member states. In addition to some basic legal acts such as Brussels I and the Lugano Convention, the areas and topics covered include commercial law, contract law, family law and taking of evidence. This updated edition also includes a completely new chapter on the account preservation order procedure, and a thoroughly revised chapter on insolvency proceedings.
The e-book is a useful tool for legal practitioners, national authorities, law students and citizens with an interest in European civil law, all in a practical e-book format.
2016, E-books

European flags colouring book

I colour in Europe

How do you explain Europe to young kids? This educational colouring book could be a start. Colour the flags of the EU countries (with models), write down their names and place them on the map of Europe. Both for home and school. 

2016, 40 Pages, Paperbacks

Guide to the ordinary legislative procedure

Guide to the ordinary legislative procedure

This handbook explains all you need to know about the revised ordinary legislative procedure and sets out the respective roles of the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the Council. It describes the various stages of the procedure: the three readings, the conciliation procedure and the trilogues. It also contains a list of relevant legal bases, tables presenting the stages in graphic form, and deadlines. 

2016, 48 Pages, Paperbacks

The European Council: December 2014 to April 2016

The European Council December 2014 to April 2016

The European Council faced critical political challenges from December 2014 to April 2016. These included unprecedented flows of asylum seekers and irregular migrants, the need to prevent the exit of Greece from the eurozone and the imperative to find a new settlement for Britain ahead of an In/Out referendum on EU membership. European leaders also had to respond to military conflict in the neighbourhood and the threat of terrorism. President Donald Tusk gives an overview of the European Council's work during the period under review and the report lists the most important political decisions and statements.

2016, 82 Pages, Paperbacks

Traineeships in the Council of the European Union

Traineeships in the Council of the European Union

Are you interested in a traineeship in the General Secretariat of the Council? In this leaflet you will find all the information you need about traineeships, including the selection procedure, the duration of traineeships and a contact list for additional questions.

2016, 2 Pages, Leaflet / flyer

Environmental statement 2015

Environmental statement 2015

This report sets out the environmental management system in place at the General Secretariat of the Council. It also explains its performance in relation to environmental issues between 2010 and 2014.

2016, 56 Pages, Paperbacks

The European Council and the Council of the EU through time

The European Council and the Council of the EU through time

The European Council and the Council of the EU are two key players in the EU's decision-making process. Each has its own distinct role in the EU's institutional architecture, even though politically and administratively a close organic relationship exists between both institutions. Both bring together representatives of the member states. This booklet traces their origins and evolution through the EU treaties. It explores how they both played a decisive role in European integration and how their history reflects that of the EU as a whole: its policies and ambitions, its crises and progress.

2016, 66 Pages, Paperbacks

The European Union - A union of law (poster)

The European Union - A union of law (poster)

From Paris to Lisbon, the European Union has come a long way since the six founding members laid the foundations of the union as we know it today, an economic and political community comprising nearly 509 million inhabitants in 28 member states. This poster shows the key stages in the European integration with a chronology of the main treaties and the accession treaties. The treaties, the foundation of the European Union, are a reflection of how member states have reacted to new internal and external challenges. They trace the development of a union of peoples and states guided by the rule of law.

2016, 1 Pages, Posters

Europe and you - EU capitals colouring book

Europe and you - EU capitals colouring book
With this colouring book, children will be able to learn the names of EU capitals, colour in the flags and discover some interesting information about each member state. Attractive learning material that can be used both at home and in school.
2016, 36 Pages, Paperbacks

EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

The second action plan on human rights and democracy, covering the period 2015-2019, aims to reinforce the implementation of the EU's human rights policy in all activities. It focuses in particular on empowering local institutions and civil society organisations.  Early detection, prevention and conflict mediation will be guiding principles. The brochure also contains a foreword by High Representative Federica Mogherini; Council conclusions on the action plan; and the EU strategic framework on human rights and democracy. The action plan is published in English and French.

2015, 52 Pages, Paperbacks

Public register of authentic identity and travel documents online (PRADO)

Prado 2015

Do you have to check identity documents? This leaflet presents PRADO, which provides easy online access to images and technical descriptions of the most commonly used travel and identity documents. The register is regularly updated and the information is available in all 24 official languages of the EU.

2015, 5 Pages, Leaflet / flyer

Shaping our common future - EU-CELAC strategic partnership

Shaping our common future: Latin America and the Caribbean - European Union strategic partnership

The EU-CELAC Summit in June 2015 brought together 61 EU and Latin American and Caribbean leaders, including more than 40 Heads of State or Government. This publication gives essential information on the event and presents the most important documents adopted during the summit. It also provides the forewords by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and Rafael Correa Delgado, President pro tempore of CELAC.

2015, 87 Pages, Paperbacks

Schengen - Your gateway to free movement in Europe

Schengen. Your gateway to free movement in Europe

The external border of the Schengen area is over 50 000 km long and includes hundreds of airports, maritime ports and land border crossing points. This publication gives essential information on the history and enlargement of the Schengen area. It provides useful data concerning police and customs cooperation, internal and external borders, as well as Schengen Information System (SIS). The booklet explains also the issues related to judicial cooperation, visas and asylum.

2015, 12 Pages, Paperbacks

The Schengen area - leaflet

The Schengen area-leaflet

This leaflet of the Schengen series guides you through the states of the Schengen area and explain the status of other European countries. It contains a map and provides the practical info on the rules applying to the travellers.

2015, 6 Pages, Leaflet / flyer

The Schengen area - poster

The Schengen area-map

This poster of the Schengen series is a geo-political map indicating 26 countries covered by the Schengen area and the states that have a different status. It also contains short information on the movement of persons in each of presented countries. 

2015, 1 Pages, Posters