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The President of the European Council

European Council

As of  1 December 2014, Donald Tusk heads the European Council - the institution that sets the EU's political direction and priorities. He is responsible for preparing and chairing meetings of the institution. He also ensures the external representation of the EU's common foreign and security policy at his level.

21-22 May 2015: fourth Eastern Partnership summit in Riga

President Tusk was in Riga to chair the fourth Eastern Partnership summit. Accompanied with other EU leaders, he met representatives of the Eastern European partner countries to confirm the EU's commitment to the policy.

The summit was also the occasion to demonstrate EU's determination to pursue closer, differentiated relations with its independent and sovereign partners.

Discussions focused on multilateral cooperation projects aiming at:

  • strengthening institutions and good governance and helping partner countries to strengthen their resilience to external challenges
  • developing market opportunities with a specific focus on the digital economy field
  • ensuring energy security and improving the interconnections
  • enhancing mobility and contacts between people

Conflict resolution in the region was also high on the agenda of the summit.

9 May 2015: Joint statement by the European Council members

On 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman made a declaration setting out the idea that Europe could only preserve peace by building prosperity together. It marked the beginning of the European integration process. Today, Europeans continue to celebrate this day, often also known as 'Europe day' or 'Schuman day'.

In recognition of the 65th anniversary of this important event, on 9 May 2015 EU leaders adopted a joint statement highlighting the EU's responsibility in promoting peace, freedom, democracy, solidarity and prosperity, both in Europe and beyond.