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The President of the European Council

European Council

As of  1 December 2014, Donald Tusk heads the European Council - the institution that sets the EU's political direction and priorities. He is responsible for preparing and chairing meetings of the institution. He also ensures the external representation of the EU's common foreign and security policy at his level.

30-31 March 2015: President Tusk visited Malta, Spain and Tunisia to discuss regional stability, irregular migration and terrorist threats

President Tusk visited  Malta, Spain and Tunisia to discuss how the EU can help:

  • stabilise the region
  • counter terrorist threats
  • prevent and fight illegal migration

Instability in the southern Mediterranean poses a serious threat for the whole of Europe. In June 2014, the European Council made it one of its strategic priorities to ensure effective EU cooperation on security issues, such as terrorism and the management of migration flows.

"The EU cannot have a failed state (Libya), run by warlords and fanatics, slipping into anarchy only 100 miles off the southern coast of Europe."

President Tusk speaking ahead of his meeting with US President Obama, Washington, 9 March 2015 

In February this year following the terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the EU leaders agreed an ambitious workplan on how to step up the fight against terrorism and extremist violence.

And in March this year, the EU leaders discussed the crisis in Libya and its regional, international dimension. During his visit to US President Obama, President Tusk also said that the EU will step-up its support to Libya.