Cabinet of Donald Tusk

European Council

Head of Cabinet

Piotr Serafin
  • strategy, coordination and management of the Cabinet
  • G7 / G20

Deputy Head of Cabinet

André Gillissen
  • strategic support to the Head of Cabinet
  • coordination of European Council meetings

Senior political and communication advisor of the president

Paweł Graś
  • relations with the European Parliament, national parliaments and political parties

Horizontal team

Katarzyna Smyk


  • horizontal coordination
  • correspondence of the President
  • human resources management
Paweł Karbownik


  • strategic agenda planning
  • G7/G20

Foreign policy team

Riina Kionka

Chief Foreign Policy Advisor

  • Management of FP team
  • Coordination of external policies
  • EC programming on foreign affairs
Carl Hartzell

Senior Advisor

  • Russia
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine
  • Central Asia
  • Turkey
  • non-EU Europe
  • Eastern Partnership horizontal

Zuzana Michalcová Šutiaková


  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Western Balkans
  • Security, Crisis Management and Defence
  • Enlargement
  • Human Rights
  • UN, OSCE, Council of Europe 
Leila Brahimi


  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • European Neighbourhood Policy horizontal
  • Development
  • External aspects of counterterrorism and migration

Alina Butuliga


  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Trade

Economic team

João Nogueira Martins

Chief Economic Advisor

  • management of the economic affairs team
  • economic and monetary affairs, including G7 and G20
Alfredo Panarella

Senior Advisor

  • competitiveness, investment and growth
  • financial sector (including banking union)
  • internal market
Christina Jordan


  • economic and monetary union
  • employment and social affairs
  • taxation
Wouter Coussens


  • European semester and macroeconomic surveillance procedures
  • macroeconomic developments (global, EU and euro area)
  • foreign policy: US and Canada

Energy union

Łukasz Koliński

Special Advisor on Energy Union

  • energy union
  • climate
  • multiannual financial framework and annual budget
Press and Communication team


Preben Aamann

Spokesperson of the President

  • coordination of press & communications team
Hugo Brady

Speechwriter of the President

  • speeches, articles
  • think tanks
Beata Turska


  • speeches, articles
Private office


Łukasz Broniewski

Head of Private Office - Advisor

  • management visits, summits and travel of the President
  • relations with entrepreneurs and social partners, the Committee of Regions and the Economic and Social Committee
Stefan Smith

Personal Assistant to the President

  • agenda and assistance of the President
  • personal correspondence of the President

Emilia Surowska


  • protocol
  • administration, management of summits, visits and travel of the President
  • liaison officer with protocol and security
Tiina Kytola
  • correspondence of the President
  • registration of incoming and outgoing mail
  • archiving

Secretariat of the Cabinet

Renata Tobiasz

Personal assistant to the Head of Cabinet and to the horizontal team

Pilar Chaves

Personal assistant to the Deputy Head of Cabinet

Miriam Cunill Rafael

Assistant to the Chief Foreign Policy Advisor

Helena Hadjiyanni

Assistant of the foreign policy team

Iveta Hincova

Assistant of the foreign policy team

Sabina Bengtsson

Assistant to the Chief Economic Advisor and to the Special Advisor on Energy Union

Anita Gebruers

Assistant of the economic team
Cécile Monin

Assistant of the press and communication team

Andrés Mola Arizo

Assistant of the press and communication team

Louisa Pincott

(Maternity leave)

Arja Pukkinen Administrative assistant - human resources and training (COFO)