Consultations ahead of the Bratislava summit

European Council

In August and September 2016 President Tusk consulted all the EU leaders ahead of the meeting in Bratislava.

"I have no doubt that the three main challenges are uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism, and the fears of globalisation," said President Tusk before his meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in Stockholm. "My ambition is that in Bratislava we can agree on the main priorities and what we need to do about them in the next few months." 

In in his invitation letter ahead of the meeting, President Tusk stressed that Bratislava summit should also provide a road map for other important endeavours, such as economic and social development, jobs and opportunities for the young, the single market, the digital agenda and investments.

"The keys to a healthy balance between the priorities of member states and those of the Union lie in national capitals," wrote Tusk. "The institutions should support the priorities as agreed among member states, and not impose their own ones," he added.

On 8 September, President Tusk also travelled to London to exchange views with British Prime Minister Theresa May. 

"I told Prime Minister May that I am convinced that it is in everyone's best interest that we start negotiations soon, to reduce and eventually end the uncertainty," he said after the meeting.