Building a new agenda together for a future Europe

Informal dinner in Talinn

 On Friday 29 September, President Donald Tusk, briefed the press at the Digital Summit in Tallinn. 

'We had a good and constructive debate,' confirmed Donald Tusk 'I will use this debate to build what I call Leaders agenda 2017-2018 with consultation from all the MS. '

President Donald Tusk 

He will present this political agenda in two weeks time. The key principles for the agenda are: 

  • we need to find real solutions to real problems.
  • we need to make progress step by step, issue by issue
  • we need to keep the unity of our 27 MS in the context of new ideas

President Donald Tusk chaired an informal dinner with EU leaders on 28 September. Leaders exchanged views on the EU's most important challenges, one year following  the Bratislava roadmap. EU leaders were invited to take stock and share their ideas on how tackle the challenges ahead. Taking into account these and other ideas, Donald Tusk will then prepare the new political agenda. 

'I will be seeking your guidance with a view to deciding, after our discussion, how to organise the work of the European Council in this respect.'

President Donald Tusk 

The Tallinn Digital Summit

The Tallinn Digital Summit brings together EU leaders. It serves as a platform for launching high-level discussions on digital innovation for  Europe to stay ahead of the technological curve and become a true global leader. 

The EU leaders examined the potential of technologies from robotics to artificial intelligence. 

'We need to actively shape our future and manage the risks posed by the digital revolution to our societies and democracies.' 

concluded Donald Tusk following a successful Digital Summit. This will contribute to the conclusions of the October European Council.

Find all the information about the summit on the Estonian presidency website.