Corporate policies

Protection of personal data

The Council of the EU and its General Secretariat strictly observe the personal data protection rules. The Data Protection Officer ensures the correct application of these rules.


Following transparency rules, EU institutions work as openly and as closely as possible to citizens. Ministers at the Council legislate in public and citizens have a right to request access to Council documents.

Environmental management

The GSC works to reduce this impact and protect the environment. It has established an environmental management programme which applies to all GSC activities in the buildings it occupies in Brussels. 

Visual identity

The visual identity of the 'Council family' is built around a common logo. Featuring the European flag and an image of the Europa building, the logo represents unity, continuity and diversity.


The Council and the European Council work in the 24 official EU languages. All EU citizens are entitled to write to the European Council and the Council in any of these official languages. 

Protection of classified information

The Council has a comprehensive security system to protect EU classified information. This system applies to the Council, its General Secretariat and the member states.