Working at the General Secretariat

Permanent job opportunities

The General Secretariat (GSC) mostly fills vacant posts by recruiting permanent officials either from other EU institutions or from reserve lists of successful candidates in open competitions.

Competitions are organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). They are competitive recruitment exams designed to assess candidates' skills through a series of different tests, ensuring only the very best people are selected. Open competitions are organised for different profiles and may require you to have specific skills and qualifications. Candidates who pass a competition are placed on a reserve list which the institutions recruit staff from as and when they need to.

The GSC may sometimes organise a competition for its own needs, to fill highly specialised posts. These vacancies are published both on this website, under "current job opportunities", and on the EPSO website.

If you are interested in working for us, you should regularly check the EPSO website, where you can find information on future competitions and how to prepare for them.

Non-permanent job opportunities

Contract staff

The GSC employs a limited number of contract agents, selected either from candidates registered in EPSO's CAST database or from reserve lists or databases compiled by other institutions.

When looking for contract staff, the GSC's recruitment office contacts candidates whose profiles best match the job profile. We therefore recommend that you keep your CV up-to-date in the database you belong to.

Temporary staff

The GSC occasionally organises selection procedures for temporary agents. This is mainly to fill vacancies for highly specialised profiles that are momentarily not available on EPSO reserve lists. Any temporary agent selection procedures are advertised on this website, under job opportunities, and also on the EPSO website.

Spontaneous applications

All contact with candidates is handled by the GSC recruitment office. Given the recruitment and selection policy, the recruitment office cannot handle spontaneous applications, even from successful competition candidates.

In accordance with the GSC data protection rules, all unsolicited applications will be deleted no later than six months after receipt. Unsolicited job applications will receive an automated reply with general information on recruitment at the GSC.

Contact the GSC recruitment office

Complaints procedure

We strive to offer the highest standards of service.

However, if you think that you have been subject to maladministration, you have the right to introduce a complaint to the European Ombudsman. Please note that before the Ombudsman can accept a complaint from you, you need to first raise your concerns with us.

Permanent posts  Non-permanent posts
For selection procedures for permanent posts, contact us by using this emailFor selection procedures for non-permanent posts, use  this email address.