Procurement at the General Secretariat

Who can apply?

Participation is open to:

  • economic operators registered in the EU
  • all EU citizens
  • economic operators from a non-EU country which has an agreement with the EU about opening of public procurement markets

To qualify to tender, economic operators must:

  • not be bankrupt
  • not have been guilty of grave professional misconduct
  • have fulfilled their obligations for payment of taxes and social security contributions
  • not have been convicted for fraud, corruption, money laundering, using child labour, involvement in a criminal organisation or any other illegal activity against the EU's financial interests
  • not have fraudulently or negligently misrepresented information
  • not have been excluded from tendering

The EU institutions often use the term "calls" in reference to tendering procedures. This term covers:

  • Calls for tenders (contract notices published in the Official Journal)
  • Calls for expressions of interest for the award of supply, service and works contracts

The choice of tender procedure and advertising requirements depends on the foreseen value of a contract.

Contracts above €135 000

The contract notices for calls with a value above €135 000 are published in the S series of the Official Journal  of the European Union and can be consulted online in the EU's TED database.

The procurement documents and other information about ongoing calls are available on the eTendering section of the TED site.

We recommend that you register on this website in order to have access to all its functions.

Contracts from €15 000 to €135 000

Calls for tenders for contracts with a value between €15 000 and €135 000 are advertised on this webpage under "current calls".

For more information, please contact the person listed as the point of contact in the call announcement.

Contracts below €15 000

Contracts with a value not exceeding €15 000 can be awarded through a negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice. These opportunities are not advertised, but if you make yourself visible on the market you might be invited to submit an offer for this type of contract.

Mandatory forms for participation in the General Secretariat's procurement procedures

In order to participate in the General Secretariat's procurement procedures, you are required to fill in a legal entity form and a financial identification form in order to provide us with your company data and bank account details: