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Meetings of the week

Foreign Affairs Council - 10-13/12/2017

The Council met in the margins of the 11th World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Buenos Aires from 10 to 13 December. It adopted conclusions at the beginning and at the end of the conference.

Foreign Affairs Council

The High Representative and foreign ministers met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Council then discussed the latest developments in the wider Middle East, the follow-up to the African Union - EU summit of 29-30 November and the updated strategy on aid for trade. Over lunch, foreign ministers discussed with G5 Sahel countries ministers how to further enhance cooperation.

Agriculture and Fisheries Council

The Council reached a political agreement on catch limits in the Atlantic and North Sea for 2018, and had an exchange of views on the future of food and farming.

General Affairs Council (Art. 50)

EU27 ministers discussed the state of play of the Brexit negotiations and prepared the European Council (Article 50) of 15 December 2017.

General Affairs Council

The Council continued preparations for the December European Council. It also adopted its negotiating position on the EDIDP and approved the joint declaration of the three institutions on the EU's legislative priorities for 2018-2019.

European Council

EU leaders looked at a number of the most pressing issues, including defence, migration, foreign affairs, social issues, education and culture.

European Council (Art.50)

The European Council (Article 50), in an EU 27 format, reviewed the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations.

Euro Summit

The Euro Summit discussed the economic and monetary union (EMU) and banking union.