Informal meeting of the 27 heads of state or government, 16/09/2016

European Council
  • European Council
  • 16/09/2016
  • Bratislava
  • Chaired by Donald Tusk
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The heads of state or government of the 27 met in Bratislava to begin a political reflection on further development of an EU with 27 member countries.

Leaders agreed on the Bratislava Declaration and Roadmap, which set out the objectives for the coming months. 

These objectives include: 

  • restoring full control of the external borders
  • ensuring internal security and fighting terrorism
  • strengthening EU cooperation on external security and defence
  • boosting the single market and offering better opportunities for  young Europeans  

"These objectives are matched by a number of very concrete measures," said President Donald Tusk at the press conference after the summit. "Let me just mention that a number of leaders have decided to immediately deploy extra personnel and equipment to help guard Bulgaria's border with Turkey," he added. 

The Bratislava Roadmap will guide EU action over the next months. 27 leaders want to meet again in Malta in January 2017 and conclude the reflection process at the Rome meeting in March 2017. 

"I hope that the Bratislava summit will lead to the renewing of trust and confidence in the European Union," said President Tusk. "This will only happen if and when people realise that we are delivering on our promises through loyal cooperation between member states and institutions," he added.


On 29 June 2016, the 27 heads of state or government met informally to discuss the political and practical implications of 'Brexit'. Leaders started a debate on the future of the European Union. 

"We are determined to remain united and work in the framework of the EU to deal with the challenges of the 21st century and find solutions in the interest of our nations and peoples. We stand ready to tackle any difficulty that may arise from the current situation", they stated.

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