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Adopting EU restrictive measures - 'sanctions'

EU restrictive measures -'sanctions'- can help achieve the goals of the EU's foreign policy. Background on the adoption procedure at the Council.

Athena - financing security and defence military operations

Information on Athena, the EU mechanism handling the financing of EU security and defence military operations.

Banking union

The banking union is an EU-level banking supervision and resolution system, designed to ensure that EU's banking sector is safe and reliable.

Data protection reform

Information on the proposed reform of European data protection legislation. State of discussions at the Council on the two legislative texts presented.

EU annual budget

EU budget at a glance.

EU enlargement

Information on the Council's priorities and activities on the EU enlargement process and the current status of candidate countries.

EU fight against terrorism

Information on the EU counter-terrorism strategy, the role of the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator and current areas of action, including foreign fighters.

EU revenue: own resources

EU's own resources - the EU revenue - at a glance. 

EU-Africa relations

Information on the frameworks shaping EU-Africa relations, economically and politically and on development cooperation.

Europe as a centre of excellence: entry of third-country nationals for research, studies and training

Information on the proposal to create a single instrument for the entry of students, researchers and trainees, and on the state of discussions at the Council.

European Semester

The European Semester is a cycle of economic, employment and fiscal policy coordination within the EU.

Fair labour mobility in the EU

Improving labour mobility within the EU

Improving cyber security across the EU

Information on the EU cyber security strategy and the proposed network information security (NIS) directive, and on the progress of discussions in the Council.

Improving the safety, reliability and interoperability of Europe's railways

Information on the 4th railway package proposals to modernise and reform Europe's domestic railways, and the on the state of play of discussions in the Council.

Joining the euro area

To be able to join the euro area the EU member states are required to fulfil the so-called 'convergence criteria' - economic and legal conditions.

Managing the EU's fish stocks

The EU manages fish stocks through its fisheries management system and common fisheries policy. Information on the role of the Council in this area.

Modernising EU rules for medical devices

New rules would boost the control of medical devices traded in the EU.

Modernising management of the EU's external borders

A modern management of the EU's external borders will facilitate crossing for frequent travellers and contribute to the fight against illegal migration.

Package travel: protecting holidaymakers

The package travel directive brings holidaymakers' rights into the digital age. 

Preventing and fighting illegal migration

Information on the role of the Council and the European Council in the fight against illegal migration and on their current areas of activity.