Own resources: the EU revenue

The EU rules on own resources define the different types of EU revenue, such as sugar levies or VAT-based own resources, and the methods for calculating them.

Package travel to improve rights of holidaymakers

The EU's package travel directive seeks to improve holidaymakers' rights by responding to the changes in the travel market caused by the internet.

Political reflection on the future of the European Union

Reflecting on how to work towards a safer and more secure Europe, while promoting growth and creating political unity, following the summit in Rome.

Protection and promotion of human rights

The Council works to protect human rights within and outside the EU. Information on the main areas of action and on ongoing activities.

Reduced VAT rates for electronic books, newspapers and periodicals

Key events and documents relating to the Council's work on a proposal to reduce VAT rates for e-publications.

Reform of air passenger rights in the EU

The EU looks to provide air passengers with new and improved rights to information and care, and better complaints procedures.

Reform of cyber security in Europe

The EU cyber security strategy aims to prevent and respond to disruptions and attacks affecting Europe's telecommunications.


Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

The CAP constantly adapts to maintain thriving rural areas across the EU, aware of animal welfare, and social and environmental concerns.

Relocation of the UK-based EU agencies

The 27 EU leaders approved the procedure for the relocation of the UK-based EU agencies in the context of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. 

Sanctions: how and when the EU adopts restrictive measures

EU restrictive measures -'sanctions'- can help achieve the goals of the EU's foreign policy. Background on the adoption procedure at the Council.

Simplification of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Discussions are ongoing as the EU aims to make life simpler for farmers and users of EU funds, by simplifying and reducing legislation relating to the CAP.

Single market strategy for goods and services

The EU aims to unleash the potential of the single market by reducing barriers to the flow of goods and services across the EU. 

Strategic guidelines for justice and home affairs

In June 2014, the European Council agreed on the EU priorities for justice and home affairs over the coming years. A mid-term review will take place in 2017.

Structural reform of EU banking sector: improving the resilience of credit institutions

The EU banking structural reform aims at addressing risks that can be caused by too-large-to-fail banks and excessive risk-taking in trading activities. 

Structural reform support programme

An EU programme to help member states design and implement structural reforms.

Syria: Council response to the crisis

The EU has taken a broad approach in its response to the Syrian crisis, focusing on areas where it has an added value in relation to the work of EU member states. 

Tackling climate change in the EU

Tackling climate change and minimising its effects is a priority for the EU. Background on the Council's priorities and current activities in this area.  

Taxation dispute resolution mechanisms in the European Union

Proposal on taxation dispute mechanisms in the EU aims to clarify the existing rules to make them more effective and efficient.

The 4th railway package: measures to improve Europe's railways

The 4th railway package aims to create a single European rail area that would be safer, more reliable and with higher interoperability.

The clean air package: Improving Europe's air quality

Information on the clean air package, which aims to reduce air pollution and improve air quality across the EU, and on the state of discussions in the Council.