European investment advisory hub and European investment project portal

The European investment advisory hub and the European investment project portal constitute the second part of the investment plan for Europe and were set up to achieve the goals of the European fund for strategic investments.

The hub and the portal were established by the regulation on the European fund for strategic investments, the European investment advisory hub and the European investment project portal (the EFSI regulation).

The regulation entered into force at the beginning of July 2015.

New proposal

In September 2016 the Council started working on the European Commission proposal for a regulation that aims to extend the activities of the EFSI and introduce a number of technical changes to the European investment advisory hub.

The proposal aims to make it easier for the European investment advisory hub to provide more targeted technical assistance services at local level across the EU.

It also aims to increase the opportunities to combine EFSI financing with support provided by other sources of EU funding, including European structural and investment (ESI) funds.

The Council agreed its negotiating position on the proposal amending the EFSI regulation on 6 December 2016. The negotiations with the European Parliament on the final version of the act will begin after the Parliament has adopted its negotiating position.

European investment advisory hub


The main purpose of the advisory hub is to provide advice to investors, project promoters and public managing authorities on project identification, development and preparation.

The advisory hub provides its services at both EU and local level.


The European investment advisory hub and European investment project portal have been established to:

  • leverage existing technical assistance to investors and project promoters
  • provide extra advisory services
  • give greater visibility to investment projects across the EU

Structure, management and working methods

The hub aims to serve as a 'one-stop-shop' for investors or project promoters seeking advice on investment projects and their financing.

The hub is managed according to a separate agreement between the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB). 

The advisory hub builds on the expertise and the existing advisory services provided by the EIB and the European Commission, such as 'fi-compass' or JASPERS. It also relies on the expertise of national promotional banks and institutions as well as the managing authorities of the European structural and investment funds.

The hub can use contractual partnerships for cooperation with national promotional banks or institutions or managing authorities. 

Advisory services

The hub's new advisory services are additional to the support already available under other EU programmes. 

The services provided by the hub include:

  • providing technical assistance to authorities and project promoters 
  • helping project promoters to develop their projects so that they fulfil the eligibility criteria according to the EFSI regulation
  • helping to make EFSI support available throughout the EU through efficient use of local knowledge
  • acting as a platform for peer-to-peer exchange and sharing of knowledge on project development

 The hub provides advice on: 

  • the use of technical assistance for project structuring 
  • the use of innovative financial instruments
  • the use of public-private partnerships
  • the relevant EU legislation

The hub also provides targeted support, taking into account the situation in member states with less advanced financial markets.

Budget of the EU

EU budget at a glance


The European investment advisory hub's operations are financed from the EU budget. The EU budget should contribute up to €20 000 000 annually until 31 December 2020 to cover the costs of the services provided by the hub.

European investment project portal

The portal contains information about current and future investment projects. It is created by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. Member states can help develop and manage the portal, if they so wish.

Purpose and structure

The project portal's purpose is to provide information for potential investors about projects that require investors, to increase their visibility and thus contribute to the effectiveness of the European fund for strategic investments. 

The portal displays projects for information purposes only: the projects featured on the portal have not been pre-selected for financing from the European fund for strategic investments or EU programmes.

Why are the investment hub and portal needed?

The main reason for creating an advisory hub and project portal is the perceived lack of information about investment projects

In addition, not all project promoters are able to structure projects so that they attract investors, especially investors from other member states. Similarly, not all projects are structured to make the best use of the existing EU instruments and funds.

The advisory hub and the project portal are tools designed to help fill these gaps.