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The lifting of nuclear-related sanctions will take place in accordance with the timeline and modalities specified in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Finalisation Day

The UN Security Council endorsed the JCPOA through Resolution 2231(2015) on 20 July 2015. On 31 July the Council of the EU adopted the legal acts translating the first of these provisions into EU law.

In particular, these acts established that sanctions no longer apply to the provision of material, equipment or assistance related to:

  • the modifications of two cascades at the Fordow facility for stable isotope production
  • the modernisation of the Arak reactor
  • the export of Iran's enriched uranium in excess of 300 kilograms in return for natural uranium

They also provided for exemptions for activities and transfers necessary:

  • to the implementation of certain nuclear related actions specified in the JCPOA
  • to the preparation for the implementation of the JCPOA
  • determined by the UN Security Council Committee established pursuant to UNSCR 1737 (2006) to be consistent with the objectives of UNSCR 2231 (2015).

These exemptions need to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Adoption Day

On 18 October, 90 days after UN Security Council resolution 2231 (2015), the JCPOA came into effect. JCPOA participants made the necessary arrangements and preparations for the implementation of their JCPOA commitments.

The EU adopted legal acts providing for the lifting of all nuclear-related economic and financial EU sanctions as specified in the JCPOA, taking effect as of Implementation Day, simultaneously with the IAEA-verified implementation by Iran of agreed nuclear-related measures.

Implementation Day

On 16 January 2016, once the International Atomic Energy Agency had verified the implementation by Iran of the nuclear-related measures, most EU and UN sanctions were lifted. The EU lifted all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions. However, some restrictions remain in force, including restrictions on the transfer of proliferation sensitive goods, the arms and ballistic missiles embargoes and the restrictive measures against some of the listed persons and entities.

Transition Day

8 years after Adoption Day, or upon an IAEA report stating that the IAEA has reached the Broader Conclusion that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities, whichever is earlier, the EU will lift the proliferation-related sanctions.

UN Security Council resolution Termination Day

10 years after Adoption Day, if the provisions of previous UN Security Council resolutions have not been reinstated, all remaining UN and EU measures will be terminated.