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Journalists, photographers and TV crews need accreditation to enter Council buildings and use the facilities provided, such as the press centre and TV and radio studios.

The accreditation procedure depends on the event.

EU inter-institutional badge

The EU institutions have a joint accreditation scheme for Brussels-based correspondents. It is managed by the European Commission.

The EU inter-institutional pass is valid for all Council activities and meetings except European Council meetings and other high-level international meetings, for which special accreditation is required.

One-day accreditation

Media representatives can obtain a one-day badge from the security desk at the entrance to the press centre.

Please bring the following documents: 

  • a valid ID or passport
  • a valid press card or an original letter signed by the editor-in-chief of your media organisation that confirms your status as a journalist and states which event you are covering

Accreditation for high level events 

For European Council meetings (summits) and other high-level international meetings, you need special accreditation unless you have a 6-month press badge.

EU-CELAC summit, Brussels, 10-11 June 2015 

Application deadline: 27 May 2015, at noon (for journalists needing a visa: 26 April 2015, at noon)

You must wear your badge at all times when on the premises.

6-month press badge

If you are an EU national residing in Belgium or a non-EU national who has lived in Belgium for at least 5 years, you may also apply for a special half-yearly accreditation badge granting access to all European Councils and other high-level meetings held in the first or second half of the year. 

With this badge you no longer have to apply for accreditation for each event separately. The 6-month pass does not, however, replace the EU inter-institutional pass. 

The application period for the second half of 2015 has not started yet. 

For more information, contact the press office:

Tel. +32 (0) 2 281 9000

Fax + 32 (0) 2 281 8541