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Justus Lipsius building
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175 


European Convention Center Luxembourg
Rue Fort Thüngen, 2

The Council's main press centre is located at its headquarters in Brussels. It hosts press briefings and press conferences and provides working facilities for journalists.

In April, June and October,  the Council meets in Luxembourg  where similar press facilities are available.   

Opening hours 

In Brussels: Monday to Friday, from 7.30 until 19.00.  

On days when Council meetings are held, the press centre is open for at least two hours after the end of the final press conference. The centre's opening hours are extended during European Council meetings and international summits.  

The press bar is open during Council meetings, summits and press briefings. 

In Luxembourg: The press centre is open only on Council days from 7.30 and until at least two hours after the end of the final press conference.


Journalists need accreditation to enter Council buildings and use the facilities provided.


The press centre is open to accredited journalists

Delegations from member states and candidate countries have access to the press centre. Other professionals, diplomats and visitors may also have access under certain conditions, depending on events in the press centre.


Journalists can use:

  • TV and radio studios
  • editing booths
  • workspaces with broadband internet
  • WiFi internet connection
  • telephone and ISDN connection
  • photocopiers
  • closed-circuit television
  • lockers

Additional facilities are provided for European Council meetings, with over 1000 workspaces available.