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Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem at the press conference following the Eurogroup meeting of 11 February 2015

  • 12/02/2015
  • 01:45
  • Statements and remarks
  • 53/15
  • Euro area
  • Economy & finance
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Eurogroup President Spokesperson
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Good evening.

Today, as you well know, we had an extra Eurogroup to start our talks with the new Greek colleague, to already cover some ground in advance of the regular Eurogroup, which is  on Monday.

It was the first opportunity to meet and to listen to the new Greek colleague on their plans, ambitions of their government.  And that was very welcome and useful. We had an intense discussion and constructive, covering a lot of ground, also making progress, but not enough progress at this point to come to joint conclusions. So, we will continue our talks on Monday.

On Monday, we have a regular Eurogroup, with a number of items on the agenda, but we will also continue our talks on Greece and our current and future cooperation with Greece. That is where we stand. So, there are no real conclusions, which I can share with you. You will have to bear with us a little longer. We will continue our talks on Monday. And that is as far I can go, at this point. I am open to all your questions, but I am already going to say to you to be patient and I will probably repeat that five times to your questions. But I will try anyway.