Press Statement after European Council President Donald Tusk's participation in a video conference on Ukraine and Libya 3 March 2015

European Council
  • 03/03/2015
  • 20:00
  • Statements and remarks
  • 89/15
  • Foreign affairs & international relations

This afternoon the President of the European Council discussed global security issues during a video conference with the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, U.K. and U.S. The talks focused on the situations in Ukraine and Libya.  

On Ukraine and Russia, the leaders agreed

  • to support the full implementation of the Minsk agreements of September 2014 and the modalities agreed for their implementation on 12 February 2015;
  • to support and strengthen the OSCE's ability and capacity to monitor the implementation of the Minsk agreements; 
  • that there is a close link between sanctions and the full  implementation of the Minsk agreements; 
  • that leaders will be ready to decide on further sanctions, if the Minsk agreements are further violated; and 
  • to continue supporting Ukrainian reforms and the Ukrainian economy.  

On Libya, the leaders expressed grave concern for the deteriorating situation and a readiness to  further discuss the matter.  

The President of the European Council will use this discussion to further prepare the next European Council on 19 and 20 March 2015.