Statement by the Presidents of the European Council, the Commission and the Eurogroup on Greece

European Council
  • 20/03/2015
  • 02:30
  • Statements and remarks
  • 141/15
  • Euro area
  • Economy & finance

We fully adhere to the agreement of the Eurogroup of 20 February 2015. 

In the spirit of mutual trust, we are all committed to speed up the work and conclude it as fast as possible.

Within the framework of the Eurogroup agreement of 20 February 2015, the Greek authorities will have the ownership of the reforms and will present a full list of specific reforms in the next days.

We reconfirmed the practical agreement on the process: The policy talks take place in Brussels. The fact-finding missions take place in Athens.

The Eurogroup stands ready to reconvene as soon as possible.



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Spokesperson for the President of the Eurogroup
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