Invitation letter by President Donald Tusk to the Special European Council meeting

European Council
  • 22/04/2015
  • Press release
  • 203/15
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It is my pleasure to invite you for the special meeting of the European Council on 23 April 2015 at 16.00. 

The recent tragedies in the Mediterranean have shown once again how serious the situation is. The objective of our meeting is to discuss at the highest level what we - the Member States and the EU institutions together - can do to bring immediate relief. 

We all know that migration is a complex issue that can only be addressed by also tackling its root causes. This will take time but I am convinced that we must and shall do it. 

On Thursday, our overriding priority is to prevent more people from dying at sea. 

After the usual meeting with the President of the European Parliament, I therefore expect us to agree on very practical measures contributing to this objective, in particular by strengthening search and rescue possibilities, by fighting the smugglers and by discouraging their victims from putting their life at risk, while reinforcing solidarity between the Member States. These immediate measures will be a first step in developing a more systemic and geographically comprehensive EU approach to migration in the near future.  

I look forward to meeting you.