ACP-EU Dialogue on migration and development: Trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants

Council of the EU
  • 29/05/2015
  • 12:00
  • Press release
  • 399/15
  • Foreign affairs & international relations
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Experts of the EU and the ACP countries met on 9 and 10 July 2014 in Brussels to discuss their respective policies in the field of trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants and identify concrete areas of cooperation in order to tackle both phenomena in a spirit of shared responsibility. The meeting has demonstrated the shared will to address those challenges and the necessity to deepen the cooperation among countries of origin, transit and destination including in a south-South perspective. The experts of both sides agreed on the following operational conclusions:

1.     Where relevant, enacting comprehensive legislation on both trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants, stressing the differences between both phenomena, and in line with the UN Protocols on Trafficking in Persons and Migrants smuggling supplementing the United Nations convention against Transnational Organised Crime (the Palermo Protocols) and the EU legislation.

2.     Effectively implementing national legislation on both trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants is key. Currently, the vast majority of the victims are neither identified nor protected and by the same token, most of the criminal networks act in impunity and are neither dismantled, nor prosecuted. A proper implementation also means to effectively tackle the different forms of exploitation (for example exploitation in the field of sport, schooling activities or sexual tourism). It is also of utmost importance to properly involve non-governmental organisations especially as regards the relations with the victims of criminal networks.