Council conclusions on a Capital Markets Union

Council of the EU
  • 19/06/2015
  • 14:45
  • Press release
  • 476/15
  • Economy & finance
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The Council:

  1. RECALLS its Conclusions of 9 December 2014 on Finance for Growth and the Long-term Financing of the European Economy in order to further build on the policy targets and principles contained therein;
  2. RECOGNISES that although EU capital markets have expanded over recent decades, they remain fragmented and less developed as compared to those in some other comparable jurisdictions, in particular in certain market segments crucial for jobs and growth such as securitisation and venture capital;
  3. CONSIDERS that more developed and more integrated capital markets could unlock investment for companies and infrastructure projects, attract foreign investment, contribute to growth and job creation and make the financial system more efficient, robust and resilient to shocks;