Council conclusions on Tunisia

Council of the EU
  • 20/07/2015
  • 17:30
  • Press release
  • 609/15
  • Foreign affairs & international relations
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1. The EU firmly condemns the brutal attack which killed 38 tourists and wounded many others, on 26 June near Sousse, three months after the deadly attack at the Bardo. It reiterates its solidarity with the Tunisian people and with the families of the victims. 

2. While Tunisia embodies the success of a genuine democratic revolution and has made a transition to being the kind of society that protects fundamental freedoms and human rights, it is also a target for terrorism. These attacks strengthen the EU's determination, expressed by the European Council of 20 March, to support the Tunisian transition so that it can maintain its ambitious aim of democratic consolidation, and to deepen the privileged partnership between the EU and Tunisia which manifests, in many fields, the shared ambition to bring Europeans and Tunisians closer together.

3. The EU reasserts its support for the efforts of the Tunisian authorities to implement the Constitution fully, to ensure that all on Tunisian territory are safe and to undertake the reforms that are needed in order to meet the social and economic challenges that confront the young above all. It reiterates its commitment to further intensify its cooperation with Tunisia, through substantial technical and financial support, within an integrated approach designed to respond to the numerous challenges facing the country.