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Presidency report: Managing migration flows - state of play - implementing solutions and remaining gaps

Council of the EU
  • 17/12/2015
  • 12:00
  • Press release
  • 946/15
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Carole Ensch - Luxembourg Presidency
Luxembourg Presidency
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In order to tackle the unprecedented flows of refugees in 2015, the EU has set out a comprehensive strategy and is fully engaged in solving the most pressing issues. On the basis of the strategic orientations set out by the European Council and by the Council, the Presidency has assigned itself four priorities:

(a)    Providing assistance to those in need: humanitarian situation, civil protection, etc.
(b)   Stemming the migration flows: cooperating with third countries, prevent/deter, actions against smugglers, targeted communication, etc.
(c)    Strengthening the capacity at entry: hotspots, entry points, registration, security, border cooperation, etc.
(d)   Managing the flows within internal borders: processing including screening, security checks, reception, asylum, relocation, return, etc.

The Presidency has held numerous meetings and consultations, conducted field visits and activated the Integrated Political Crisis Response (IPCR) for the first time ever (cf. annex). Member States, the Commission, the EEAS and relevant EU agencies have been fully mobilised to support the Council in taking decisions on actions to meet the needs of arriving refugees and migrants, including the 1.2 million asylum seekers that have arrived since January 2015 (+ 90% than in 2014) in the EU. Implementation has been advancing rapidly in some areas, but significant gaps still remain.