Final remarks by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament plenary session

European Council
  • 15/03/2017
  • 14:30
  • Statements and remarks
  • 135/17
  • Institutional affairs
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First, thank you for your words of congratulations and support. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to hear them here in the European Parliament.

Second, I share the views of those who want us not to celebrate in Rome, but to set a clear course for the future. Rome will be one of the stages, not the 'grand finale' of the discussion. If this discussion is to be effective, we must cooperate among the states and among the institutions. I am declaring this unequivocally and with the deepest conviction.

Third, the white paper, and especially the multi-speed scenario, as one of the forecasts, has sparked a lot of controversy, not only here in the Parliament. At the same time it has had a sobering effect, a warning to those who have the weakening of the EU in mind. It is my hope that Rome will be a turning point in the reintegration of the Union. Not all politicians will be our allies, I am aware of that. But as paradoxical as it may sound, the majority of the citizens of the countries governed by the eurosceptics will be on our side.

Fourth and last, Mr Lamberts has said that I owe my re-election mainly to the fact that Mr. Kaczyński was against, that his attack on me helped me.

I can only say that I find it quite natural that in critical moments we can always count on our compatriots.