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Council of the European Union

Indicative programme - Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council of 15 and 16 June 2017

Council of the EU
  • 14/06/2017
  • 14:35
  • Media advisory
  • 349/17
  • Social affairs
  • Health
  • Employment
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Evi Liaskou
Press officer
+32 22815272
+32 470960477

European Convention Center, Luxembourg

Evarist Bartolo, Minister for education and employment,
Helena Dalli, Minister for EU affairs and equality, 
Michael Falzon, Minister for family and social solidarity, and
Chris Fearne, Minister for health

All times are approximate and subject to change

Thursday, 15 June - Employment and social policy issues

from 08.30

+/- 08.45
Doorstep by minister Evarist Bartolo

+/- 09.30
Beginning of Council meeting (Roundtable)
Adoption of the agenda

+/- 09.35 (live streaming)
European Semester 2017
Making work-pay strategies: Council conclusions
Youth unemployment: Council conclusions
Carcinogens or mutagens at work 
Posting of workers
Equal treatment
Women on company boards

+/- 12.45
Press conference (live streaming)

+/- 13.00
Working lunch debate -  European pillar of social rights

+/- 15.00 (live streaming)
Coordination of social security systems
Accessibility for goods and services
European Pillar of Social Rights
Any other business:
- European Social Fund
- Work programme of the incoming Presidency

+/- 17.00
Press conference (live streaming)

Friday, 16 June - Health issues 

from 08.30

+/- 09.30
Doorstep by minister Chris Fearne 

+/- 10.00
Beginning of Council meeting (Roundtable)

+/- 10.05 (live streaming)
Childhood obesity
Voluntary cooperation between health systems
European pillar of social rights
Any other business:
- EU action on vaccination
- Health Symposium
- Round table meetings for Health Ministers and pharmaceutical companies
- Fast-track the end of AIDS in the EU
- Pharmaceuticals in the environment
- Traceability system for tobacco products
- Work programme of the incoming presidency

+/- 13.00
Press conference (live streaming)