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Council discussed EU's post-2015 development framework

Meeting on 19 May, EU ministers exchanged views on the preparation of a new framework for the coordination of international aid efforts, discussed the implementation of the Agenda for Change and welcomed the adoption of a rights-based approach to development.

Post-2015 framework

The Foreign Affairs Council on Development discussed a new framework for the international community's efforts for the period after 2015. EU Ministers took stock of the ongoing work at UN level and discussed the EU's role in the process of setting global goals that include poverty eradication and the promotion of sustainable development. The framework is to be discussed at the June European Council.

Agenda for Change

The Council was briefed by the Commission on the implementation of the EU's development policy, adopted in 2012 by the Council. It aims to increase the impact of EU development aid, have a greater focus on social objectives, climate change issues and be concentrated on least developed countries.

A "tool box" to incorporate human rights principles

EU ministers welcomed the adoption of a tool box that should ensure human rights are taken into consideration when deciding on a cooperation project.

The Council also held an exchange of views on the role of the private sector in development cooperation.

Other topics on the agenda

Over lunch, ministers focused their discussions on development cooperation with two countries in crisis: the Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan

The Council confirmed they will fully resume development cooperation with Madagascar and return to a normalisdation of relations with the newly appointed government.

The Council also approved the annual report 2014 to the European Council on EU development aid targets: the EU remained the biggest global donor of development aid in 2013.

It adopted several items without discussion including:

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