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EU welcomes 28th member state - Croatia

Croatia is the first Western Balkans country to join the European Union. Its accession on 1 July 2013 is the result of a decade-long negotiation process.

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Since the formal application for EU membership in 2003, Croatia has invested considerable effort and fulfilled all the accession criteria needed to bring it into line with EU laws and standards. Tangible progress has been achieved in areas such us the rule of law, the fight against corruption, human rights and protection of minorities.

"Aside from the clear benefits to itself and the EU, Croatia’s accession demonstrates that, when conditions are met, the EU delivers on its commitments in this regard. Noting Croatia’s commitment that bilateral issues should not obstruct the accession process, the Council looks forward to Croatia continuing to play an active and positive role in regional cooperation in the Western Balkans."

Council conclusions on Croatia, April 2013




Croatia in the Council

Voting system

From 1 July 2013, at least 260 votes out of a total of 352 by at least 15 member states are required for legislation to be adopted by qualified majority. Croatia has 7 votes (the same as Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Finland).


Official languages

On accession day, Croatian becomes the 24th official language of the European Union, equal in legal and political status to all other official languages of the EU. All EU legislation is now being drawn up in Croatian.



Timeline - Croatia's path towards EU membership


Croatia - facts and figures

Full name: Republic of Croatia
Population: 4.3 million
Capital city: Zagreb
Political system: Parliamentary democracy
Total area: 56 594 km2
Official language: Croatian/hrvatski
Currency: kuna (HRK)


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