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New head of the EU Military Committee takes over

On 6 November 2012, General Patrick de Rousiers took over as Chairman of the EU Military Committee (EUMC). He will perform this task for a period of three years.

General Håkan Syrén ''handing over the baton'' to General Patrick de Rousiers
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"I believe in Europe. I believe in European defence. I consider it one answer to the difficulties that we are facing today. I am eager to continue on the path that has been laid out by my predecessor, General Håkan Syrén."

During the press conference organised on 31 October after the meeting of the Chiefs of Defence, General Patrick de Rousiers explained his priorities for the next three years. In particular, he focused on three aspects: solidarity, prudent planning and a comprehensive approach.

General Patrick de Rousiers is the fifth Chairman of the European Union Military Committee since its establishment in 2001. He succeeds General Håkan Syrén, who left the appointment after his three year tenure.

The European Union Military Committee is the highest military body within the Council. It is composed of the Chiefs of Defence of the member states, who are regularly represented by their permanent military representatives. The EUMC provides the Political and Security Committee (PSC) with advice and recommendations on all military matters within the EU.

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