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Remarks by President Donald Tusk ahead of the Digital Summit in Tallinn

Európai Tanács
  • 2017.9.29.
  • 11:20
  • Nyilatkozat és megjegyzések
  • 536/17
  • Intézményi ügyek

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Good morning. Yesterday evening we had a good and constructive debate. I will use this debate to build what I could call the leaders' agenda 2017 and 2018, of course in consultation with all the Member States and I will present this political agenda in two weeks time.

In this process I will respect as always three key principles:

  • one, the need to find real solutions to real problems,
  • two, the need to make progress step-by-step, issue-by-issue
  • three, and above all, the need to keep the unity of the 27 Member States, also in the context of the new ideas.

And there have been plenty. But even though some may think it is a kind of a Eurovisions' contest, and perhaps it is, I am personally convinced that together, we will make good use of it, if we sing unisono.