Document: EST-HO-04001

General Secretariat
Issuing Country:
EST - Estonia • EESTI •
Document Category:
H - Residence-related document
Document Type:
O - Ordinary document
Document Version Number:
First Issued On:
Legal Status:
Residence permit granting authorisation to third country nationals to reside in: EST - Estonia • EESTI • and to move within the Schengen Agreement area.
Overall Construction:
Format Width (mm):
Format Height (mm):
Number of Pages:


Maximum Validity:
5   year(s)
Extension Possible:
Extension Period:
5   year(s)
Validity-Additional Information:
If a person has been a resident of Estonia for at least 10 years according to a temporary residence permit, then the period of prolongation is 5 years, exept when prolongation for a shorter period is applied.

If the residence permit is extended, a new sticker is issued.

Image 116305 of Recto - identity
Security Feature: Substrate
Presence of Fibres: yes
Security Element: rainbow colouring
Image 116306 of Substrate
coloured fibres
Image 116307 of Substrate
Security Feature: Printing technique
Technique: intaglio printing
Technique: intaglio printing
Security Element: anti-scan/anti-copy pattern
Technique: intaglio printing
Security Element: OVI (optically variable ink)
Printed Text/Observation: OVI changes colour from green to pink when observed at different angles
Image 116309 of Printing technique
Image 116317 of Printing technique
Image 116325 of Printing technique
Security Feature: Image of the holder
Image 116319 of Image of the holder
Security Feature: OVD (Optically variable device)
OVD Description: different colours and figures appear when observed at different angles.
OVD Type: Kinegram®
Image 116320 of OVD (Optically variable device)
Security Feature: UV feature
Light Source: UV LIGHT
Image 116321 of UV feature
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