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Information for the media

Main Press Room


Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175
B-1048 Bruxelles/Brussel

Luxembourg (April, June and October) - Centre de conférences Kirchberg
Rue Fort Thüngen, 2
L-1499 Luxembourg

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Normal opening hours 7.30 - 18.00 Monday to Friday.

For Council meetings the press centre remains open two hours after the end of the final press conference. The press bar is open during Council meetings and briefings.



The press centre is accessible for holders of a permanent EU press badge as well as for delegations of Member states and of candidate countries.

Other media representatives will be given a one-day badge on presentation of a national press card (or proof of professional status) plus identity card or passport.

The same rules apply to the Council press centre in Luxembourg.

The press centre is also open to the public, as announced by the press office, for public debates and deliberations.

Other professional groups (diplomats, lobby group representatives, visitors, etc.) may also have access under certain conditions, depending on activity in the press centre.


Press centre

Tel. +32 (0)2 281 9000

The press office secretariat

Tel. +32 (0)2 281 6319



 The accreditation procedures on this webpage are intended exclusively for media representatives.

arrow-single-blue Permanent press badge

For annual accreditation for Brussels media (valid for Commission and Council), contact the Commission's accreditation office.


Commission accreditation office

Tel. +32 (0)2 299 01 70
Fax +32 (0)2 299 47 70


arrow-single-blue Accreditation for European Council meetings

Special online accreditation is required for European Council meetings, see our Media accreditation website from about five weeks before the meeting.

Please note that accreditation is the responsibility of the Council's security office and the Council's press office cannot guarantee that your accreditation will be accepted if you have failed to follow this procedure.

While on the premises, you must visibly wear your European Council identity badge. Any person found not wearing a badge may be asked to leave. Moreover, at any time a member of the security office may ask you to prove your identity by producing an official document, even if you are visibly wearing your European Council identity badge.

Should you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact the Council's press office for clarification and help with the procedures.


arrow-single-blue 6-month badge accreditation

Every semester, journalists resident in Belgium can apply for or request renewal of a 6-month badge valid for European Councils and high-level events organised by the General Secretariat of the Council,  see our Media accreditation website.

In possession of this badge, it is no longer necessary to register and collect badges for each event separately. 

Please note that the 6-month badge does not replace the inter-institutional badge (yellow press card issued by the Commission) which grants access to the Council press centre every day.

Badge collection

Your 6-month badge will be available for collection from the accreditation desk at the main entrance of the Council Justus Lipsius building at the beginning of the semester (dates to be specified).

Retrieval is also possible every semester at the LEX building during the periods of withdrawal of badges for high-level events.



Press centre

Tel. +32 (0)2 281 9000
Fax + 32 (0)2 281 8541
E-mail: press.centre@consilium.europa.eu





  • workspaces with broadband internet (rooms A, B + C) 
  • WiFi internet connection for your laptop
  • telephone connections for analogue and/or digital modems
  • fax machines
  • photocopiers
  • TV message service
  • lockers


Additional facilities are provided for European Council meetings, with over 1000 workspaces available.



We organise and announce photo/video opportunities for all major events and meetings taking place in the Council, to make sure you can produce the necessary video footage/photos for your reports. For some major events such as the European Council we organise groups (pools).

arrow-single-blue Full video newscoverage & archive

The web platform http://tvnewsroom.consilium.europa.eu offers a broad coverage of Council and European Council activities as well as archive and illustrative pictures. The footage is free of copyright and can be downloaded in MPEG-4 for TV and web use.

Council and European Council activities are also covered by EbS http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/ebs

arrow-single-blue Full photo coverage & archive

The press office team of photographers provide coverage of major events taking place at the Council and the European Council. A selection of their photos is published in the photographic library on www.consilium.europa.eu/photo. They are made available free of charge and in high-definition format on condition that the source (Council of the European Union) is mentioned.

arrow-single-blue TV/Radio studios

The Council's TV and radio studios are available for delegations and the media. We offer support to TV/radio journalists in their coverage of Council activities. Contact our audiovisual team to arrange studio and satellite bookings.

arrow-single-blue Stand-ups

Live stand-ups can be organised from the "mezzanine" in the main entrance hall (atrium). Ask our audiovisual team for help.

arrow-single-blue Live streaming of public events

You can follow all public events taking place in the Council live on the web, including public debates and deliberations. If you missed an event, you can always catch up via our "video on demand" platform, on Council webcast http://video.consilium.europa.eu.


arrow-single-blue Press documents

General information and documentation is available from the press office secretariat and from our press portal www.consilium.europa.eu/press. This includes:

  • Presidency calendar with dates and preliminary agendas of Council meetings
  • announcements on the timing of press briefings, presidency press conferences and public deliberations and debates (see below)
  • a fortnightly summary of upcoming events and topics
  • background notes published before each Council session
  • Council and European Council conclusions as they are adopted
  • press releases
  • common foreign and security policy declarations and press releases on the signing of international agreements.


The press portal brings together information and ressources. Its "Council meetings" section offers all available information on a given Council meeting (agenda, background notes, press releases, photos, webcast and videos).

arrow-single-blue Background information

Our team of press officers will be happy to brief you on Council activities and policy developments. Press officers speak "off the record". To contact the relevant press officer, for the topic you are covering, click here.

arrow-single-blue Press briefings and press conferences 

Main Press RoomPress briefings and press conferences normally take place in the main press room, but press opportunities can also be organised at the VIP corner or in other press briefing room at the press centre.

Our info point at the entrance of the press centre can help you.

All this information and more can be found on the Council's press office internet portal www.consilium.europa.eu/press - see Council meetings.


arrow-single-blue Press alerts